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Every little helps...

... Tesco take over the entire UK.

As previously discussed (at tedious length) I'm no football fan. I've only attended one "professional" match in my entire life (and that was a Morton game, insert Fred MacAuley gag *here*) and never set foot in my old home town's ground. So I'm at a loss to explain why I found this so disturbing. Apart from the usually bandied statistic of one in every three British pounds spent going to Tesco's coffers.

I like the fact that the 'Times sent Jonathan Paisley to cover this story. Isn't that the answer to one of those "find out your porn name/give me your internet banking password" quizzes? Does the paper have a phalanx of similarly monickered staff ready to go at a moment's notice? Derek Ralston? Barry Linwood? Zach Brediland?


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Apr. 27th, 2007 01:12 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, St Mirren need the money (St Mirren Park is not 112 years old, btw - you'd think someone called Jonathan Paisley would know these things).

Meanwhile, downtown Linwood, as recently reported in my own Livejournal, is so boggin' that it's one of the very few places in Britain that *wants* a new Tesco.

I'm divided on this. No one seems to be advocating the abolition of capitalism - people repeatedly vote for it and endorse it - and yet they get annoyed when capitalists like Tesco behave like capitalists. It's like climbing into a cage full of hungry lions and then complaining when one of them tries to bite you. Also, if you stop a new supermarket being built in a town, you're denying the working classes (who can't afford to drive to out of town malls) access to cheap food and clothes.

It's like people who think air travel should be made more expensive for environmental reasons - knowing that it won't stop them jetting off to Tuscany, but it will stop Mr and Mrs Pleb from going on their yearly jaunt to Majorca.
Apr. 27th, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
t's a problem isn't it, the way environmental activism and social conscience is made the reserve of those that can spare the time and/or money by the self-same system that causes the problems they're active/conscientious about? Cf. the Fast Show "My parents were so middle-class..." sketch.

Beyond the obvious little attitudenal humps that have to be gotten over in our own back yard (so long as holding on to your chip paper until you see a bin, picking up your dog's shit or refraining from spitting your gum at the feet of others is seen as the "poofy" option by Glaswegian neds or Liverpudlian scallies, what hope for energy conservation, home composting and jute shopping bags?) there's the wider problem of the global class system.

Western Europe can afford to fret about climate change. Countries in Asia and most especially Africa can't. Worse, although understandably, they want their turn at bat... "Give us a good century of industrial expansion without consequence, like you had, before lecturing us on carbon footprints."

In the same way that cruelty is a sadly accurate indicator of intelligence (springing from boredom which itself cannot exist without self-awareness), or widening inequality is a marker for economic development (as you recently pointed out yourself), so hand-wringing over ethical buying and the like is pretty much a guarantee the hand-wringer's forebears screwed the works in the first place.
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