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Son of Schism Schasm

"F*ck'm up, Tim! His views are invalid!"

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Cartoonist and caricaturist, Paisley born, now married and living in Glasgow.
Scottish Cartoon Art Studio Co-ordinator, past president of the Scottish Artists Union, member of Professional Catoonists' Organisation among others.
Journal established as: a means of keeping in touch with ever-more distant friends and loved ones; something to keep the compositional mechanism oiled; and some weird response to turning thirty. Sharp decline in entries since advent of Twitter.
aardman, abe sapien, acme novelty library, alex ross, alex toth, andrew collins, animation, art, asterix, bacon, batman, berkely breathed, bill bailey, bill bryson, bill the cat, bill watterson, bill wray, bird watching, bloom county, bluejam, bob mortimer, bone, books, bprd, brad bird, brasseye, bret blevins, bruce timm, calvin and hobbes, caricature, carter burwell, cartoons, cats, chris morris, chris ware, christopher nolan, christopher walken, chuck jones, cinema, coen brothers, collings & herrin, comicbooks, comics, daily show, danny elfman, darwyn cooke, david attenborough, discworld, divine comedy, dork, edgar allan poe, empire magazine, esquivel, evan dorkin, fantastic four, far side, film, futurama, gary larson, genndy tartakovsky, glen murakami, gorillaz, guy davis, hayao miyazaki, hellboy, house, hudsucker proxy, hugh laurie, invader zim, iron giant, jack staff, jarvis cocker, jeff smith, jhonen vasquez, jim henson, joby talbot, john kricfalusi, jon stewart, justice league unlimited, kenneth williams, kevin smith, kyle baker, looney tunes, lost, mark millar, masters of the universe, matt groening, max cannon, michael moore, mike mignola, mike nelson, milk and cheese, miller's crossing, movies, mst3k, neal hefti, neil hannon, nightmare before christmas, opus the penguin, ornithology, outland, paul dini, paul grist, paul kidby, powers, pulp, raymond scott, red meat, ren and stimpy, richard herring, samurai jack, scottish politics, skeletor, stephen destefano, stephen fry, stuart immonen, studio ghibli, terry pratchett, the dark knight, the ultimates, the venture brothers, tim and eric, tim burton, vic reeves, warner brothers